The story of Jeema

Jeema came to life over 30 years ago.Founded in 1980 Jeema began its journey into existence above ground. His Highness Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum, showing his renowned foresight, planned with his old friend the late Sultan Al Owais to make the unusually pristine water available to everyone. He decided to build a mineral water plant within the scenic natural springs of Wadi Jeema outside Hatta.

Jeema Mineral Water Company and Jeema mineral water were born. With the help and experience of Evian and Katadyn of France the most suitable springs were found and production commenced in 1980.




The Source of Water


 It is found at a depth of more than 800 metres and preserves the pristine values of life. Jeema's first encounter with the present world is the moment a bottle is open, when its values become a part of us. It is abstracted from tremendous depths, under the old dolomite rocks, which makes its mineral composition and the ratio of calcium to magnesium exceptional.


For seven thousand years, Jeema was a secret kept in a deep well hidden in the middle of the hills of Jeema, Hatta. The source is located in the picturesque village of Jeema, at the periphery of the Wadi Hatta, in north-west Oman where the main activities are farming and agriculture, in an industry-free and almost pollution-free surrounding.


Geologically, the area comprises of a 245 million year old dolomite rocks from the Triassic period. The water dates back to 7,000 years when a dry climate dominated the Earth and no organic matter was present. This is why Jeema is chemically and microbiologically pure.


Jeema is located in a pool whose depth reaches as much as 3,000 metres, and it is abstracted from an 800-metre deep artesian well. Due to the depths it is abstracted from, and the layers of mineral rock, the source is hydro geologically protected from all kinds of pollution.


The process of collecting water in a natural pool started in the period when the Earth was non-polluted and in complete harmony, up to the moment when man discovered the completely intact, mineral-enriched water and offered it as the perfect gift of nature.


Jeema's recognizable, silky taste is the result of a completely natural and gradual process of filtration.