Mineral composition


On its thousand-year path from the underground and through layers of mineral rock, Jeema has become naturally enriched with minerals, especially calcium and magnesium, which gives it a unique, recognizable and silky taste.

Composition approx mg/ltr.
pH 7.2
Calcium 6
Magnesium 1
Potassium 1
Nitrates 0.1
Bicarbonate 35
Chloride 45
Sulphate 1
 T.D.S. 115 

Jeema has an exceptionally balanced and stable mineral composition which is regularly supervised throughout the year. Not only does Jeema has ideal calcium and magnesium ratio (6:1), but it also has a pH value of 7.2, which matches the pH value of our blood. This balance facilitates the removal of harmful substances from our body and makes Jeema the ideal drink from the very start of the day. Jeema's mineral composition also includes silica, a mineral substance essential for the structure of all connective tissues and organs, which also plays an important role in skin care.




One of Jeema's crucial properties is the fact that nothing disturbs its connection with nature. The most contemporary filling technology makes it possible to fill spring water coming from a depth of 800 metres directly into the bottle, without any external impacts, thus preserving its original natural purity. You could say that Jeema's first encounter with the outer world after 7,000 years happens at the moment when you open it and try its fresh and light taste.