Jeema Mineral Water has met more stringent quality standards than any other water in the UAE.  The company is the only mineral water organization to be awarded the “A Class category” rating by the Dubai Municipality. It is also amongst the first bottlers to receive the ESMA Certification. ESMA is considered as the authorized body in the UAE to grant the Emirates Quality Mark. All of our bottles have the EQM - Emirates Quality Mark. The quality mark was issued to ensure the products comply with the approved standards and to give consumers confidence in the Products that carry this mark and are circulated both locally or in External export markets, due to the fact that these products have been approved by an impartial body according to the procedures issued in this system and approved by ESMA board.

The conformity with relevant international standards has been taken into account, and that have been issued by relevant Organizations, concerned with standardization, this endows the system with future international recognition through the accreditation bodies & Bilateral Agreements of mutual recognition, thus, reinforcing the competitive power of National Products in the Local Markets and broadening their horizons to compete in the Foreign Markets for the aim of supporting the National Economy.





  • The Mark: The Emirates Quality Mark is a distinction mark granted to a certain product. It proves that this product meets the approved standards and its production system meets other requirements set by Emirates Authority for standardization and metrology. It shows also the commitment of the foundation to the specific requirements in the system.

  • Conformity Evaluation: The process that verifies the fulfill-ment of the approved standards, either directly or indirectly like inspection or granting the products conformity certificates.

  • Licensing with Mark: A certificate granted by ESMA to the organization to use the mark on a certain product to show it has been assessed, it meets the relevant standards and has an efficient system in quality management.



Apart from ESMA Jeema is qualified for two of the most prestigious accreditations. ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP.

Our commitment to quality and to meeting the highest standards is continuous, in our effort to bring you the purest natural drinking water in the region.